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When does advertising become manipulation? (with Mark Bartholomew)

Mark Bartholomew, author of Adcreep: The Case Against Modern Marketing.

Advertising is everywhere these days, but how much do we really know about it? Join us for a conversation with Mark Bartholomew, a Professor in the University at Buffalo School of Law.

Can money buy you happiness? (with Mike Norton)

Mike Norton, Professor, Harvard Business School

Thoughts on the age-old questions, "Can money make you happy?" and "Is mo' money really mo' problems?" from the author of Happy Money: The Science of Smarter Spending.

What is the future of the energy grid? (with Macky McCleary)

Macky McCleary, former Administrator of the RI Division of Public Utilities, current Partner at Innogy Consulting, and a Senior Fellow at The Policy Lab

Listen in to hear about the impact of the changing energy grid on the climate and your everyday life.

How do you raise a three-year old? (with Emily Oster)

Emily Oster, Bestselling author of Cribsheet and Expecting Better

Dr. Oster joins us for a conversation about how data can help us become better, more relaxed parents.

How can government data be leveraged for public good? (with Amy O'Hara)

Amy O'Hara, Research Professor, Georgetown Massive Data Institute

A conversation about the messy intersection of data governance, evidence building, and privacy in pursuit of leveraging our administrative data for the public good.

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Upcoming episodes include Mark Bartholomew from the University of Buffalo on when advertising becomes manipulation and Brigid Schulte on how we can feel less overwhelmed.

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